Sarah Nep, Cheese Artist

Artist Sarah Nep has literally carved-out a career in cheese sculpting. She studied fine art in college and became interested in using cheese as a sculpting medium when her husband, who worked for a Southern California cheese retailer, asked her to carve a piece of cheese into the shape of a cow for a promotional event.

For the past 14 years, Nep has been transforming cheese into a variety of shapes and sizes. Nep has represented a number of cheese and dairy organizations, including the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB). She has been the focus of numerous radio, television and print interviews.

In her work for the CMAB, Nep has toured the state appearing on news programs with her carvings of such notable people as David Jacks (the Monterey businessman who first marketed Jack cheese) as well as 1996 presidential candidates Bob Dole and Bill Clinton.

She also has been featured in numerous media appearances including two nationally syndicated talk shows – the Howie Mandel Show and the Donny and Marie Osmond Show – where she carved cheese busts of Mandel and Donny Osmond respectively.

One of four carvers in the nation who specialize in cheese, Nep has worked with blocks weighing from 40 pounds to 2,000 pounds and says it takes a minimum of four hours to carve a 40-pound block. She prefers working with milk Cheddar, which she says is like a well-wedged piece of clay. She describes her work as "edible art" and says, "It's like ice carving, except there’s no puddle at the end."

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